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VentiSwap Token (VST) ERC20

Tokenomics: VST is a non taxed, no reflections, utility token.

VentiSwap Token (VST) Contract: 0xb7C2fcD6d7922eddd2A7A9B0524074A60D5b472C

VST Utility

1. Holders of VST that have staked will be eligible for reduced swap fees (once out of Beta).
2. VST will be used to cover fees on future VentiTech projects.
3. VST currently can be staked for 1, 3 and 6 months. Rewards earned are in VST.
4. All VentiSwap and VentiHeadz merchandise can only be purchased with VST (coming soon).
5. VST will be required for in app purchases on future VentiTech projects.

VentiSwap Token Allocation

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