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The Power of a CEX. The Freedom of a DEX.

VentiSwap is a superior way to swap crypto assets across chains. The proprietary Hybrid Exchange  (HyEX) model allows for low-fee cross-chain swaps without bridges, P2P, HTLC, or intermediary tokens. VentiSwap's proprietary algorithm allows for true cross-chain swaps, while optimizing for low transaction fees.

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Roadmap & Milestones

VentiSwap Platform


VentiSwap was built from the ground-up with security in mind. Not only does the platform adhere to industry-standard best security practices, but takes them a step further with a Refund function that automatically refunds any lost tokens to a user in the event that a swap fails.


By combining the deep liquidity of a CEX with the self-custodial efficiency of a DEX, VentiSwaps HyEX model allows for slippage-free swaps without the need to login or register. Just one swap and you’ll be hooked. 


Unlike other swap platforms, VentiSwap does not alter the spread provided from exchanges. You get the same buy and sell price that you would on a centralized exchange. This is an exchange built by crypto traders, for crypto traders.


While most cross-chain platforms rely on bridges or intermediary tokens to perform cross-chain transactions, VentiSwap has developed a proprietary algorithm which allows for a direct and true cross-chain swaps. There are no smart contracts or bridges being relied on for VentiSwap to function. By developing this method, VentiSwap has been able to create a layer of security which doesn't just protect our users, but also protects our liquidity pools. In addition, VentiSwap's engine allows for faster transactions while minimizing transaction fees. VentiSwap has also integrated the first ever refund function for failed or stalled transactions.

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VentiSwap Core Team


Michael Carlin


Harris Jameel
(Blockchain Team Lead)

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Ibraheem Tasneem
(Development Head)

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Abdul Wahab Khan
(Lead Architect)


Amir Mughal
(Blockchain Business Analyst)
(Solutions Architect) 



Danyal Rashid
(Principal Engineer)


Anas Tasneem
(Product Owner)


Mughees Khan

Our Partners

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