The Power of a CEX In The Form of a DEX

VentiSwap is a Non-Custodial, True Cross-Chain DEX. No bridges, P2P, HTLC, or intermediary tokens. VentiSwap's proprietary algorithm allows for true cross-chain swaps, while optimizing for low transaction fees.

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Roadmap & Milestones

Q3 2021

Q4 2021 - Q4 2022

  • Assemble a team of industry-leading Developers and Designers (Q2)

  • Research & Development (Q2)

  • UI/UX Design and Development (Q2,Q3,Q4)

  • Launch Landing Page/VentiSwap demo

  • Global press release

  • Launch Seed Sale (on VentiPresalePlatform)

  • Launch Pitch Deck/Litepaper

  • Marketing/advertising campaign

  • UI/UX Design and development of VentiSwap (Q2,Q3,Q4)

  • Marketing/advertising campaign (Q3,Q4)

  • Launch Presale (on VentiPresale Platform)

  • Launch VentiSwap Token (VST) on the Ethereum Network

  • Audit through Certik

  • Complete development of the VentiSwapEngine and functionalities of VentiSwap 

  • Submit VentiSwap for audit to Quantstamp (postponed to Q4 of 2022)

  • Launch VentiSwap 

  • Launch Whitepaper (Postponed to Q4 of 2022)

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • VentiNFT Cross-Chain Marketplace. Users will be able to buy, sell, swap and create NFTs on all blockchains as well as buy and sell with any crypto the marketplace supports. 

  • VentiWallet - multi-chain wallet to support all assets on all networks. VentiWallet will be made available for iOS, Android and Chrome Extension.

  • Launch VentiHeadz NFTs, utility NFTs that will also offer holders benefits and more (Q2 of 2022)

  • VentiPresale, a presale platform that will allow users to list their projects and accept payment with several different forms of crypto instead of being restricted to just one (Beta version was used for VentiSwapToken (VST) presale).

  • VentiVerse, offering users a virtual storefront to display and sell their NFTs. VentiVerse will also include interactive games where users can earn rewards and bonus tokens.​

  • VentiPay: Information regarding VentiPay will be released at a later date. Stay tuned!

VentiSwap Platform

Upon initiating a transaction, users are given their transaction hash in the swap where it auto populates in the "Verify Transaction" section so users can follow their transactions from start to finish. The "Verify Transaction" section will give the users both transaction hashes for the sending and receiving once the transaction has completed.

VentiSwap offers users multiple different crypto charts to follow directly within the swap while trading. VentiSwap will also offer users the ability to stay up-to-date with global crypto news directly on the platform. VentiSwap offers users the ability to watch and track their assets once their wallet is connected (kind of like a Zerion). This function will work for any wallet type and for all blockchain networks.

VentiSwap is a fully Decentralized Exchange (DEX) . VentiSwap requires no KYC, is non-custodial and transactions placed on VentiSwap can followed from start to finish in the "Verify Transaction" section. VentiSwap does not offer any form of money (fiat) transactions for transferring and is only a token to token swapping platform.

VentiSwap has  been able to minimize the exchange rates between transactions which encourages traders to take full advantage by placing transactional orders with multiple liquidity pools.

VentiSwap offers users the ability to send their receiving transaction anywhere. The user inputs the receiving wallet address they wish. Users can even send directly to a CEX for an easy cash out

VentiSwap maintains the highest level of security. All transactions placed on VentiSwap are secure and protected. In the event a transaction does not complete within a 24 hour period, VentiSwap has integrated a "Refund" function that will refund any lost tokens to the user.


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While most cross-chain platforms rely on bridges or intermediary tokens to perform cross-chain transactions, VentiSwap has developed a proprietary algorithm which allows for a direct and true cross-chain swaps. There are no smart contracts or bridges being relied on for VentiSwap to function. By developing this method, VentiSwap has been able to create a layer of security which doesn't just protect our users, but also protects our liquidity pools. In addition, VentiSwap's engine allows for faster transactions while minimizing transaction fees. VentiSwap has also integrated the first ever refund function for failed or stalled transactions.

VentiSwap Core Team


Michael Carlin


Harris Jameel
(Blockchain Team Lead)

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Ibraheem Tasneem
(Development Head)

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Abdul Wahab Khan
(Lead Architect)


Amir Mughal
(Blockchain Business Analyst)
(Solutions Architect) 



Danyal Rashid
(Principal Engineer)


Anas Tasneem
(Product Owner)


Mughees Khan

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